Vickie Newton

A Personality With a Passion

Combine scintillating intelligence, eclectic talent, voracious curiosity, and intense altruism with stunning beauty and you have an understanding of what Vickie Newton brings to her every endeavor. Television news buffs in five cities agree: Vickie burnishes the screen. St. Louis fans reveled in her Emmy for Best Anchor in only her second year on KMOV Channel 4.

But as riveting as Vickie is on screen, in person she personifies the word “presence.” Were she not so gracious and empathetic, her tall, impeccably groomed appearance might be daunting. In her social contacts, Vickie intuitively puts people at ease with her candor and genuine interest in what others do.

This interest nurtures her curiosity and commitment to the community. Early in her St. Louis career, she became a favorite of the business community when she emceed the biennial Better Business Bureau Awards luncheon. She endeared herself to mothers and daughters at a national conference of Girl Scouts at which she gave a cogent keynote address. In her six years in St. Louis, Vickie has introduced dozens of St. Louis and national programs.

Vickie views such engagements as part of her ongoing learning experience. Her personal involvement in St. Louis, however, is reflected in her membership on the boards of the YWCA, the Alzheimer’s Association, and the National Association of Black Journalists, representing Region VIII.

Since childhood, Vickie Newton has harbored a passion for reading inherited from, and encouraged by her English-teaching mother. This prime direction in her life found expression in her formation of a partnership of organizations that promote literacy…organizations as disparate as The Literacy Roundtable, The St. Louis Rams book drive, and Reading is FUNdamental. Her fervor has been rewarded by having a literacy grant named for her, by her efforts being nominated for recognition by the Missouri Broadcasters Association and for an international award, and by a feature article in “Broadcasting” magazine.

In her spare time, Vickie reads to children and practices on her grand piano, a talent she discovered when she was seven.

Vickie Newton earned her Master’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Detroit. She has been a news anchor and reporter for KMOV Channel 4 since January, 2002.

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