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Employment Education Systems

Hope Happens

Heard by hundreds of thousands daily, Vickie Newton’s voice is at once compelling and soothing. “Compelling” is an overused word unless it applies to a talent that enhances the meaning of the word. Although she has no discernable accent, she slips easily into a mood, be it upbeat or somber. Her range is incredibly flexible.

A quick study, Vickie morphs the written word into a meaningful message. Although “one take” is her mantra, diligence is her creed. It’s either right or it’s redone. Short format or long, her enunciation is clear, impeccable, yet seemingly effortless.

Hers is a voice that entrances men and embraces women. Although never strident, she’s positive. Vickie’s 20 years as a radio and television personality have bred a confidence and presence that permeates her presentations. Affiliated with one of the Midwest’s largest production and post-production studios, Vickie can provide a finished product in any format. Your message can be recorded and shipped within 24 working hours...faster if the transfer is electronic.

Examples of Vickie’s work include long-format such as "Hope Happens" for a research charity; short formats for the Opera Theater and the YWCA and this for an international organization that happens to be one of her personal favorites, "Blessing Basket."

Add Vickie Newton to your A-list of instantly available talent and experience the ease of mind that results from dealing with excellence.

Hear Vickie's audio demo

Listen to Vickie's latest audio work
for Forest Park Trolley:

"Welcome Aboard" Listen 
"Visitors Center" Listen 
"Art Museum" Listen 
"Worlds Fair Pavillion" Listen 

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